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1st registered user: wyu
10th registered user: mroadster
100th registered user: Dozer
1st registered visitor: BillN
10th registered visitor: RedmondRoadster
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Most topics posted: Kick Me (226)
Most replies posted: Kick Me (1190)
Most messages posted by visitor: bdougr (789)
1st message posted: wyu
10th message posted: Rayz3
100th message posted: Rayz3
1000th message posted: Ron Wong
2000th message posted: Dan D
3000th message posted: bdougr
4000th message posted: wyu
5000th message posted: Fangio100
10000th message posted: KingRichi
Thread with most replies: Fall in Sacramento Foothills (85)
Thread with 2nd most replies: Kings Canyon Highway 198 (79)
Thread with 3rd most replies: Homecomming Tour (78)

High Mileage Car (Most Attendance = Yes): Jerry (111)
Wishy-Washy (Most Attendance = Possible): ZMYZGO (22)
Cleanest Car (Most Attendance = No): Kick Me (70)
Most Attended Event: BayAreaZ/SanDiegoZ Badges (34)
* numbers not based on reality as actual attendance to events is not tracked

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